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Information on currency notes & Coins

Information on acceptance/exchange of soiled/mutilated notes and coins

  • We provide exchange facility of soiled and mutilated notes.*
  • We accept/exchange coins of all denominations.*
  • Coins of 50 paise denominations are accepted.*
  • Sufficient coins are available for the customer/general public.
  • if the banknote tendered here is found to be counterfeit, an acknowledgement receipt will be issued to the tenderer, after stamping the note. "COUNTERFEIT BANK NOTE"
  • Please do not write anything on curency notes.
  • Please, do not use banknotes for making garlands, decorating pandals and place of worship or for showering personalities in social events, etc. Such actions deface the banknotes and shorten their life. banknotes should be respected as they are symbol of the Sovereign and public should not misuse them so that the life of banknotes is enhanced.


* As per RBI guidelines


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