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Non Fund Based Products & Services

Punjab & Sind Bank offers non fund based products to our clients as follows:-


• Letter of Credit

We offer import as well as domestic Letter of Credit facility to our clients for procurement of goods on DA/DP basis as per their needs at very competitive rates. Considering our international correspondent relationship arrangements, our clients enjoy market acceptability and comfort in business deals.

• LC Advising / Confirming Services

In case of Letters of Credit received by our clients, we offer LC advising as well as LC confirmation services under our correspondent relationships with domestic as well as international banks.

• Bank Guarantee

We offer Bank Guarantee facility to our clients guaranteeing their performance / financial obligations in the domestic as well as international market.

Letter of Comfort for availing the Buyers Credit(FBG)

We issue Letter of Comfort to enable our clients to avail Buyers Credit from Overseas bank/ FIs for procurement of Goods or Fixed assets.

• Co-acceptance facilities

Sometimes in business deals on credit basis, buyers are required to offer adequate comforts to the sellers such as bank guarantee or co-acceptance of bills by the bankers. We can offers co-acceptance of bills facility to the top rated clients.

• Solvency Certificate

We provide Solvency Certificate to our clients in case it is required for providing to Government authorities, other corporate in business deals / bids etc.

• Credit Reports

We provide Credit Reports on our clients to other banks/FIs and we also obtain Credit information required by our clients on their counter parties, through our correspondent relationship.

H.O.Advances Deptt. (Non Fund Vertical)

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