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Checklist of Papers/ Information/ Documents required for processing Loan applications


PROJECT LOANS (Other than Commercial Real Estate):

  • Project Information Memorandum
  • Profile of promoters & Shareholding pattern
  • Status of financial tie-up, giving bank-wise details as to whether in-principle or final sanction, date & amount
  • Status of statutory approvals
  • Projected Commercial Operation Date
  • Implementation schedule and draw down schedule
  • In case of existing companies, the status of their account with present bankers
  • Chartered Accountants Certificate on Source & Application of funds as on date
  • Techno Economic Viability Study by approved agency
  • Details of suppliers & their profile
  • Details of securities, nature & value, kind of charge (Equitable / Registered mortgage /

Hypothecation / Assignment / Exclusive or pari-passu etc.

LIE/ Chartered Engineer Certificate in case of existing projects

Commercial Real Estate Projects:

  • Approval of Sanction Plan
  • Details of FSI / FAR available, permissible, applied etc
  • Confirmation that the project land is independently accessible.
  • Status of acquisition of project land, legal opinion, index inspection and confirmation from bank’s legal counsel that the project land is free from encumbrance and enforceability under SARFEASI Act.
  • Certificate on land usage i.e. the land is non-agriculture & non-industrial and can be used for commercial activity and confirmation that the project area is not located in sensitive area (farmers agitation / local disputes etc)
  • Techno Economic Viability Report on the project
  • Status of Statutory Approvals / Permission
  • Confirmation that the project construction is as per National Building Codes


  • Copy of Certificate of Registration with Reserve Bank of India as Investment Company / Infrastructure Finance Company / Asset Finance Company / Micro Finance Institution etc along with confirmation that the registration is current & valid.
  • Gross & Net NPA Levels, Capital Adequacy Ratio
  • Net Owned Funds & CMA data
  • Certificate on compliance of all the Reserve Bank of India, National Housing Bank (in case of Housing Finance Companies) guidelines as stipulated for Non-Banking Financial Companies from time to time
  • Copies of Statutory Returns submitted to Reserve Bank of India / National Housing Bank


  • Project Information Memorandum
  • Status of approval from Statutory Authorities
  • Confirmation that the project is non-toxic and compliant of pollution control regulations
  • Status of financial tie-up in case of large project, giving break up of bank-wise sanction
  • In case of existing units, status of payment of statutory dues such as local taxes, Provident Fund, Employees State Insurance etc.
  • Licensed Capacity, Installed Capacity, Envisaged Capacity utilization
  • Details of suppliers of machineries & their profile


General check list


(As per guidelines)



Whether applicable or not (Y/N)

If applicable, whether enclosed or not (Y/N)


Loan Application in the prescribed Form




Audited Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account for last 3 years in case of

existing units




Tax Audit Report for last 3 years




Copies of Income Tax / wealth Tax / Sales Tax / Excise Duty Assessment

Order (or Returns or payment Receipt) for last 3 years




Projected Balance Sheet for the

  • Next 2 years in case of newly established entities
  • Next year in case of renewal / reviewal of existing entities.




Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) Data on the prescribed proforma - Working Capital has been assessed by Permissible Bank Finance method and DSR (in case of Term Loan)




In case the property is to be taken as security / collateral security

  • Legal Opinion / Index Inspection from legal counsel
  • Valuation Certificate from approved valuer
  • Valuation Report of Branch Manager & Accountant
  • Visit Report




In case of Ltd. companya)

  • Memorandum & Article of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of commencement of business (for Public Limited Company only)
  • Certified Copy of latest list of Directors
  • Resolution authorizing the company for bank borrowing
  • Certificate of Registration of Charge from Registrar of Companies in case of existing facilities availed
  • A Certificate from statutory auditors of the company that the company has not defaulted in payment of interest / principal to small depositors (deposit less than 20000/-) and that the company has complied with the provision of section 58AA of the companies Act 1956.
  • Names and shareholdings of major shareholders.




In case of Trust -

  • Trust Deed
  • Resolution for the borrowing




In case of Cooperative societies

  • By-laws
  • Permission from Registrar of Societies for proposed borrowings
  • Resolution for the borrowing, creation of charge on assets of the society




In case the borrower has allied concerns

  • Balance Sheet, P&L A/c, Manufacturing / Trading account
  • Income Tax / Wealth Tax assessment orders
  • Details of borrowings of borrower and group from Banking system




Partners / Guarantors / directors etc.

  • Credit Report from present bankers
  • IT / Wealth Tax Assessment Orders for the last 3 years (only for the previous year in case of renewal/reviewal)
  • Asset and Liability statement/ Net Wort Certificate




Confidential Report from the existing bankers of the borrower




NOC received from the existing bankers of the borrower




NOC from financial Institution / Banks for ceding pari-passu charge in favour of the bank




Credit / Opinion Report (Market Report) on the borrower




Copies of permission from competent authorities like Pollution Control Board / Municipal Corporation etc.




In case of renewal, copy of latest renewal / sanction




In case of existing borrowal accounts

  • Whether the party / sister concern is a defaulter in repayment of dues to the Bank & Rebate has been allowed earlier in any case (If yes, attach details with the proposal)
  • Whether Insurance Policies are alive and securities are properly insured & mortgage charged to Bank
  • Changes in management since last sanction.

Yes/ No



Yes/ No





Yes/ No



In case of term loans for construction / alteration etc

  • Approved plan
  • Architects estimate for the construction / alteration of the building
  • NOC from the competent authority for mortgage / equitable mortgage of land / building in case of lease hold property.




In case of Letter of Credit facility

  • Copy of valid permit / import license for goods imported
  • IEC No., in case of imports.
  • Related contract between buyer & seller in case of import of capital goods.




In case of Bill Discounting –

  • List of Drawee(s)
  • Banker’s opinion / Report from External agency on drawee




In case of manufacturing units

  • Project Report along with implementation schedule
  • Industrial Licenses
  • SSI Registration Certificate
  • Power sanction letter from the Electricity Department.




Valuation Certificate in case of old machinery to be taken as primary /collateral security




In case of manufacturing units, report of Technical officer




Pre lending Visit report of BM / Official of ZO / ZM




In case of Bank Guarantee

  • Proforma of Bank Guarantee, if the beneficiary insist for bank guarantee on a proforma other than Banks own model Bank Guarantee form
  • Copies of primary contracts
  • BM’s site visit Report in case of performance Bank Guarantee
  • Deferred Payment schedule in the case of Deferred payment Guarantee




In case of partnership concerns/ Limited Liability Partnership –

  • Partnership deed
  • Registration Certificate issued by Registrar of firms




CIBIL Report of all promoters / directors / guarantors

  • Confirmation that the promoters / directors / guarantors are not in the defaulters’ list of ECGC / RBI / CIBIL




Compliance of KYC norms




Lending under Consortium / Multiple Banking

  • Minutes of last lenders’ meeting
  • Confirmation that the Common Loan Agreement / Security Documents have been vetted by Lenders Independent Legal Counsel
  • Lenders Independent Engineers Report on status of the project giving specific comments on physical progress (status of implementation) vis-à-vis projected schedule
  • In case of delay in implementation of project the reason for the delay and measures initiated
  • Details of Security Trustee (name & address), Certificate of Creation of Security & copy of registration with ROC
  • Joint Inspection Report / Unit Visit Report of lenders
  • Status of pending approvals if any




External Rating (if available)




Succession plan of management




Undertaking with regard to non-withdrawal of unsecured loans from business




Sales/ Profit figures up to last quarter




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